Sex Addiction Therapy: A Safe, Private Place to Heal

Sex Addiction Therapy | Renew Life Therapy | Dr. Andre Estephan, LMFT, CSAT | Pasadena & Claremont, CA

Sex Addiction Therapy | Renew Life Therapy | Dr. Andre Estephan, LMFT, CSAT | Pasadena & Claremont, CAAre you struggling with sex addiction, but feel unsure whether going to therapy is right for you?  Participating in sex addiction therapy may be intimidating, and you probably have questions, but it can be a safe and helpful place for you to find healing and to live a better life.

Why Should I Go to Sex Addiction Therapy?

That’s a good question! Perhaps the best reason to participate in sex addiction treatment is that you know, deep down inside, that something isn’t right. Your relationships with the people you care about, such as family and friends, are declining. Maybe you have had arguments and conflict with your spouse over your sexual behavior. Or, perhaps your relationship with your partner has been damaged because of actions connected with your addiction. Regardless the reason, something isn’t going right in your life, and therapy can help you.

What Happens during Sex Addiction Therapy?

When you participate in therapy you will have the opportunity to learn why you are struggling with sexual addiction, and what causes it to occur. In therapy, you can also learn tools to manage your addiction, such as:

  • Identifying what triggers you.
  • Understanding why you have the need to view pornography or participate in activities that are harmful to your relationships.
  • Learning how to express your feelings and emotions appropriately.
  • Developing tools to process your emotions when you do feel triggered and to make healthier choices.
  • Gaining support for talking with those who were impacted by your actions, like your partner or spouse, or your children.
  • In addition, your life history may have included events, such as trauma, that can be discussed during therapy.

Will I Be Judged While in Therapy?

Talking about your sexual behavior can be embarrassing, or you might feel ashamed of what you have done and how your actions have affected others. However, the objective of therapy is not to pass judgement, but to help you find healing. Your therapist is a professional, trained to work through this process with you, and help you address your sexual addiction.

What Happens if I Slip Up?

You are human and “slipping up,” or falling back into a pattern of old behavior, is always a possibility. If you do slip up, you can talk to your therapist and process why it happened. From there, you can work together to make sure it doesn’t happen again. You will have a support system, including your therapist, in place to help you recover, understand what happened, and to get back on the right path.

How Can Christian Counseling Help?

Christian counseling can add another layer of support for your sex addiction recovery by incorporating a spiritual component to your therapy. A Christian counselor can provide a Biblical perspective and utilize tools such as prayer, as well as other resources, to aid you in your recovery. This can be done in a non-confrontational and supportive way that promotes healing, not judgement. Remember:

“No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure.”                                                                                                                  1 Corinthians 10:13

Therapy can be that “way out” for you. A place to find understanding and healing from your sex addiction. Together, you and your therapist can work to find the root causes of your addiction, develop tools to cope, and receive spiritual guidance. This means that there is hope.

You can find ways to create relationships that are healthy and enduring!

If you or your partner are struggling with addiction to sex, cybersex, or pornography, I’d like to help! As a sex addiction therapist, I have helped many individuals and couples to overcome sexual addiction problems and work through the ensuing relationship issues. Contact me today for a free consultation to discuss assessment and treatment options.

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