Married to a Porn Addict?  7 Tips to Help You Cope

Addiction to Pornography can have devastating consequences for sufferers and their spouses. If you are married to a porn addict, you may be struggling with questions like:

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Betrayal Trauma: Partners of Sex Addicts Need Help Too

Partners of Sex Addicts | Sex Addiction therapy | Renew Life therapy | Dr. Andre Estephan, LMFT. CSAT | Pasadena & Claremont, CA

Being the partner of someone struggling with sex addiction brings with it a unique set of challenges. Partners of sex addicts are likely to experience strong

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Sex Addiction Therapy: A Safe, Private Place to Heal

Sex Addiction Therapy | Renew Life Therapy | Dr. Andre Estephan, LMFT, CSAT | Pasadena & Claremont, CA

Are you struggling with sex addiction, but feel unsure whether going to therapy is right for you?  Participating in sex

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