Communication Gap? Couples, Do This Not That

Couples Therapy | Renew Life Therapy | Dr. Andre Estephan | Communication | Pasadena & Claremont, CA

Do you find that there is a communication gap between you and your partner? When you do try to communicate with each other, do things just fall apart? When communicating

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When the Argument Never Stops: 4 Ways Couples Counseling Can Help

Couples Counseling | Renew Life Therapy | Dr. Andre Estephan, LMFT | Pasadena & Claremont, CA

Do you feel like you and your partner are always arguing? Do one or both of you avoid difficult conversations, fearing that it could escalate? Every relationship has its

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In a Relationship, Little Things Mean a Lot: 7 Fun Ways to Show Love to your Partner

When it comes to love, little acts can mean a lot to show your partner that you care. They can also help over time to strengthen your relationship.  If you are struggling

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